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Before becoming an author and a free lance artist, Barbara was an elementary school teacher for eight years and a children’s librarian. She currently teaches creative writing to Pre-K through 8th grade at a local private school. She also teaches writers' workshops and assemblies in the schools and adult art workshops at two art centers.  Barbara feels the best way to develop writing skills is to inspire enthusiasm in each student’s writing project and encourage them to continue to do revisions as part of their own process. Allowing the students to share their work is a very beneficial part of this program. Barbara also stresses the importance of setting aside some quiet time each day for reading and journaling or just daydreaming.

Here are some of the workshops that Barbara Santucci facilitates
and a few of the writers that have explored their own writing abilities.

Writing Using the Five Senses

Participants will create a story about a dream or daydreams with words and art. Using paint, paper, fabric, markers, and other media participants will create his/her own special "Dream Place." 

Once the Dream Place has been visualized, Barbara will help writers incorporate the five senses: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling as they describe the special dream place.

child writer
Dream  Space

Tapping Into Memories

Participants will tap into journal writing (with words, and pictures) to discuss and save memories.  Those memories will provide the beginnings of a short piece based on those memories.


Your Memories

Secret Object - Sensory Details

Participants will select a random object from Barb's secret box and use that object as the basis for a piece of writing that incorporates as many sensory images as possible.

Capturing Sensory


Discuss the 7 elements of story.
  1. CHARACTER. What makes a good character? Have a second character be a foil or an opposite personality type to the main character.
  2. SETTING and the importance of detail.
  3. CONFLICT. What is your main character’s conflict?
  4. PLOT.  Have your main character try to solve his conflict three times. Each time he fails and the situation gets worse for the character.
  5. RESOLUTION. Can the character resolve his problem by himself?
  6. BEGINNINGS. Are your first sentences a hook? Do they draw your reader into  your story
  7. ENDINGS. Does your ending wrap up your story? Is it satisfying?

7 Elements of Story

USING THE 5 SENSES  (grades K-3)

Hold up a picture of an animal. Using all 5 senses, have each child add on a line.

Hold up a color. Have the children write a poem about one color using all 5 senses. 

Hold up picture of object. Have the child write a poem about one of the objects using all 5 senses.

Hold up picture of plants. Have the children write a poem about one of the plants using all 5 senses.

Pick a food. And write a poem as if you are that food using all 5 senses.

Pick a season and write a poem as if you are that season using all 5 senses.   


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