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Barbara Santucci
Barbara has several popular presentations and workshops and she is always willing to adapt or expand on an idea to address specific goals/objectives your school/library or organization might have for the visit.  Her day-long appearances may be any combination of the sessions summarized below.   Santucci's teaching residencies are more involved.  Investigate the possibilities for writing/artist residencies by visiting Santucci's teacher page for information about the extended residencies.

Barbara Santucci - child writer

A Writer and an Artist at Work

Barbara Santucci shares her life as a writer and artist through slides and discussion using her books, Loon Summer and Anna's Corn. She will share information about sources of inspiration for her work from loons and farms, to her own paintings. Included will be a discussion of a writer's responsibility to remember her or his own history -- and to use writing as a vehicle for exploring what we love about our lives and what compels us to move forward. (adults; children)

Loon Summer
A Presentation/Workshop
Through the use of slides Barbara shares information about the inspiration for this book. Inside information about the research and writing of this book -- as well as a discussion of loons in their natural habitat will make this a memorable session for learners. (children; adult)

Depending on the audience Barbara also does story hours for children and facilitates a discussion on loon information. A participatory art activity is integrated into the presentation. (children)

Anna's Corn
A Presentation/Workshop
Barbara will give a slide presentation of Anna's Corn. She incorporates slides of corn fields during all three growing seasons and photos from a traditional Midwestern fair (Boone County, Illinois) and a lively discussion/question and answer forum. 50-55 minutes (children; adult)

The slide presentation may be combined with a 30 minute workshop where Barbara will guide students in developing a class story. This story will include 6 basic story elements, characters, setting, conflict, resolution, ending, and a title. (children)

Poetry and Art Workshop (Two days)

On the first day, students will paint a large, colorful, abstract painting with watercolor paints. During this period, Barbara will read poems in several different forms, meters, and rhyme schemes. She will demonstrate the difference between prose and poetry; how it both sounds and looks on the page.

On the second day, the students will write their own poem choosing from these two topics: "What animal would I like to be?" or "What animal would I like to have?"

Either during the second session or during another session on the same day, the students will mount their poems on their art piece and will read their own poems aloud to the class. Students will be encouraged to respond to each poem by stating what they liked about the poem. (children; adult)

We're Going on a Trip

A Writing Workshop: Details are of great importance when writing a story. In this workshop, participates will select a destination for their very own trip and will design a simple suitcase from construction paper. Inside they will pack items they want to take on their trip (glue pictures). After decorating the suitcase each will design 3 postcards with messages to someone back home, describing their trip. The focus will be on the details of Who? and What? of the trip, as well, the three parts of a plot. Follow-up activities include: continuing to write postcards, trip journaling, and using these aids to create a travel story. (children)

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