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    Nature continually inspires and intrigues me. It is a consistent theme in my artwork. Many of my pieces reflect a sense of “sanctuary” that can be found in nature. My subject matter comes from my imagination. I don’t use photos, but dream up places I would love to dwell in.

    Springtime is my favorite season because of its fresh new beginnings: new growth, soft greenness, cool breezes.

    I love to paint and explore printmaking and collage. But for the last few years I have been using oil pastels and enjoying their creamy texture and vibrant colors. I also love how there is always a surprising new color that emerges when you mix them together.

    Art Awards, Gallery Showings, Exhibitions, etc.

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    Because I believe paintings tell a story, it is important for me to leave a sense of the unknown for viewers to interpret on their own and perhaps imagine their own sanctuaries.

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