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Anna's Corn
by Barbara Santucci
Curriculum Connections

Print: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers Discussion Guide for
Anna's Corn.

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  • Death
  • Recovering from a loss
  • Remembering loved ones
  • Coping with sadness
  • The importance of sharing the things you love with your family

Response Suggestions

  • After reading the book discuss how the story relates to the experience of the readers/listeners. Download Eerdmans Books for Young Readers Discussion Guide for Anna's Corn. [download page 1] -- [download page 2]

  • Most children have had someone special that they have lost to death. Allow children to share special memories of their loved ones and then think of a tangible object that might be a keepsake to help children remember that person. For example: Anna has a leather bag of seed corn that she was able to plant. Another child might have a grandmother that loved to grow roses so perhaps a rose could be fashioned from modeling clay or fabric. A grandparent who enjoyed baseball games might have some baseball keepsakes as a remembrance.
  • Create a memory box to commemorate special times with a special person currently in the child's life. Make a 3-d collage of pictures and other appropriate memorabilia.
  • Read one or more of the books listed in the "Booklist" below and compare and contrast the manner in which Anna remembers her grandfather with the manner that the young boy or girl in any one of these books remember his/her loved one.

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